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Fall 2017 Art Show Schedule:
Oct 21 - 22: Fall Art & Craft Festival (Cocoa Village, FL)
Nov 4: Astronaut Autograph & Memorabilia Show (Kennedy Space Center, FL)

Nov 17 - 19 Free Play Florida (DoubleTree Sea World, Orlando)

Nov 25 - 26 Space Coast Art Festival (Cape Canaveral, FL -- NOT Cocoa Beach!)
Dec 2 - 3 Winter Art & Craft Holiday Bazaar (Cocoa Village, FL)

Minor site update: -- game room theme added to art gallery
New section added to the Art Gallery: Game Room!  Here you'll find photos fitting for your game room, man cave, arcade, whatever!  Includes pinball, foosball, poker, music, etc.

website overhaul coming ... when pigs fly
Have you seen a photo in my booth at an art show, but you can't find it in my Art Gallery pages here?  I can't deny it -- my website is ridiculously far behind, in desperate need of an overhaul.  In the meantime, please visit my Facebook page; it's easy to dump photos there, but the website takes more effort than I typically have time to spare.  Life is busy!  

Met me at an art show, and looking for specific photos I had there?  I'm doing myself a great disservice by rarely updating this website -- I have MANY beautiful shots that haven't made it here yet!
Due to ease of use, they're all on my Facebook page!  (Someday I'll get them up here.)
Click this link or the photo below to go there! 

Offering fresh visual perspectives on both the ordinary and extraordinary objects which surround us, TurboFox Photography strives to present the world to you in stunning, majestic new ways.

Editing Policy:
My philosophy on photography is simple: capture moments and scenes as they actually happened -- not by digitally fabricating them!  Here at TurboFox Photography, you will never find excessive enhancement, HDR, photoshop composites, or any other overly-digitized images; I believe these manipulated images stand apart from general photography as "digital art".  Post-processing of my photographs is limited to simple darkroom-style tasks, e.g., filters, dodge/burn, crop, etc.  In other words, what you see in my photos is what I captured with the camera.  Any exception to this rule will be annotated with a full disclosure.

A perfect example:  The photo above (entitled "Patriot") with the eagle & flag.   This is perhaps my most-often doubted photograph, believed to be a) a composite of separate eagle & flag photos, or b) a taxidermic eagle posed for a photo.  Neither is true!  This photo is completely authentic: a live bald eagle, rescued & exhibited by the Raptor Project, allowed me to approach within a few feet and shoot this magnificent photo with the American flag hanging on the wall behind him.  (The biggest challenge? Lighting!)

I thoroughly enjoy this art and remember many details about each and every work.  
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Subject Matter:

My subject matter varies, but includes specialties like the Space Shuttle, breathtaking natural scenery, animals large & small, iconic travel destinations, and colorful plants.  Follow the applicable link(s) above view the photos!

Personalized Services:

TurboFox Photography provides personalized services including (but not limited to) engagements, pet portraits, maternity and baby portraits, family/friend outings, cars photoshoots, sports activities, etc.  Reference the
Services page for samples and pricing, or contact me to discuss your ideas.

It would be an honor for my art to grace your walls -- forever enhancing the look of your home or office, and always providing a pleasing visual experience for your eyes!

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Please peruse the galleries and post some feedback!

Thanks for your interest; enjoy your visit!


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