I n n o v a t i v e   I m a g e r y ,   C l e v e r l y   C a p t u r e d

How to Order

Samples of 8x12 print mounted to 11x14 mat (shown above)


  • 8x12 print matted to 11x14:  $25
  • 8x10 print** matted to 11x14:  $25
  • 8x12 (or 8x10) print matted to 11x14 & framed:  $55
  • 10x15 print matted to 16x20:  $60
  • 10x15 print matted to 16x20 & framed:  $125
  • 12x18 print, unmatted: $45
  • 12x18 canvas (stretched & ready to hang): $75
  • 14x20 or 16x20 canvas (stretched & ready to hang): $115
  • 16x24 canvas (stretched & ready to hang): $125

  • 20x30 print, unmatted:  $75
  • 20x30 print, framed (unmatted):  $150
  • 20x30 canvas (stretched & ready to hang): $175
  • 24x36 print, unmatted:  $115
  • 24x36 print, framed (unmatted):  $225

  • 30x45 triptych (one image split across three 30x15 panels):  $275
Prints are matte (not glossy) finish.
Florida sales tax is included in the prices above for FL customers.
Matted & unmatted prints are standard frame sizes available at retail stores.

** -- Some works may not be available in 8x10 or 16x20, due to the cropping (from the original 2:3 image size ratio) required to print to these sizes.


  • Facebook Fans: $5 off every item!


  • Starts at $6.50 for 8x12s; varies based on order.


How to Order:

It's simple!

  1. Choose your desired photos & sizes.
  2. Send an email to turbofox.photo@gmail.com with your name, address, and desired photos.  (Please refer to the photos using the names/identifiers under the image.)
  3. You will receive a Paypal invoice at the email address from which your order was placed.
  4. Pay using your credit card or Paypal account via Paypal.  (Use of Paypal protects us -- buyer and seller -- from fraud.)
  5. Please allow approximately 10 business days for your order to be processed, assembled, & shipped!  (Note:  I keep many prints in stock, so it may take as few as two business days to ship.  The extra days are for printing/assembly time should I not have one already in stock.) 

Reproduction (printed or electronic) and/or resale of TurboFox photos are strictly prohibited!  By placing an order, you agree not to scan, copy, reprint, or otherwise reproduce the image or artwork.  You also agree not to resell or redistribute the print and/or matted art without explicit permission from TurboFox Photography.

More photos of matted/framed and canvas works coming soon!

Placed in a frame, your new art will make a beautiful addition to your home or office!