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Introducing "Pride of America"!
This magnificent poster print features the three space shuttles -- Discovery, Atlantis, & Endeavour -- 
in the TurboFox Photography original photos "Flagship", "Glory," & "Proudly Hailed",
together on a black background.   Read the history of Pride of America here! 

Note: Large watermark is not present on actual prints.

This beautiful poster commemorating the end of the space shuttle program is printed on high quality photo paper in 20"x30" or 24"x36" standard sizes.
20x30 = $75
24x36 = $125
Shipping = $11 for entire order 
(regardless of quantity)

Note:  Actual prints do not contain the TurboFox watermark present in these images.

Use of these images by news media is strictly forbidden.
Space shuttle photos

Add a patch (e.g., mission, STS logo, NASA meatball, etc.) to your selected print for an additional $10.

Some matted & patched samples:

 Notes on "Pride of America", by Photographer Andy Sokol:

This magnificent work was a long time in the making, because it required multiple specific rare circumstances to coincide -- three separate times!

During launch pad processing, the space shuttle was usually covered & protected by the rotating service structure. Only on three, perhaps four days during the month-long pad flow was the structure rolled back, fully exposing the vehicle. Then there were those troublesome flags: With the the ocean just to the east (these photos are looking north), the sea breeze usually blew the flags toward the west -- i.e., backwards, from this vantage point.  Therefore, the chances of having the flags blowing in the correct direction AND having the vehicle exposed proved to be extremely rare.  It came down to the wire -- I completed the set on the afternoon before the final launch, when the rotating service structure was rolled back for the last time!

The challenges didn't end with fortuitous timing, either.  Even with the proper conditions, I still had to capture both flags sufficiently unfurled at the same moment.  Each flag fluttered independently, rarely in perfect sync.  In total, I took over 400 shots to acquire the three you see here.

I am often asked if these individuals photos are photoshop composites.  The answer is a resounding NO -- they are authentic.  I never digitally fabricate the scenes captured in my photography. The launch pad perimeter fence includes a vehicle access opening, at which there sits a guard shack and flagpole.  Whenever a shuttle was on the pad, the guards would fly the American flag and the shuttle's flag.  I identified a spot where, using a telephoto lens, I could align the flags and the shuttle as you see in these photos.  I shot all three images from this same vantage point.