I n n o v a t i v e   I m a g e r y ,   C l e v e r l y   C a p t u r e d

About the Artist

  Andy Sokol  

Inspired by the space program since his earliest memories, Andy Sokol earned a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering and an M.S. in Space Systems from Florida Institute of Technology.  He enthusiastically dedicated the first nine years of his career working hands-on with the NASA Space Shuttle fleet as an orbiter structures/airframe engineer for United Space Alliance.  Upon conclusion of the Shuttle program, Andy joined Piper Aircraft as a Liaison Engineer in support of all phases of airplane fabrication & assembly.  Three years later, Andy returned to Kennedy Space Center as an Integration Engineer for Jacobs Technology.

Photography (for which he’d received formal training in high school) remained a prominent hobby during his education & career, and his unique visual perspectives of the Space Shuttle quickly became renowned across Kennedy Space Center.  As his portfolio continued to expand & diversify (including wildlife, scenery, landmarks, automobiles, and much more), Andy founded TurboFox Photography in 2009 to provide fine art & portrait services.  He regularly participates in juried art shows across the state of Florida, through which he has received multiple awards.